Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day 1, Grade 1

What ever happened to summer? Jonah started school on August 16th. Something has gone terribly wrong.

On the other hand, the kid looked swell, sporting his Lego backpack with Darth Vader and Chewbacca zipper pulls. Penny took the picture in the front yard. The maple tree that died this summer is back there behind him, the day before it got taken down. What a beautiful tree it was, a big ball of gold every fall, with a spherical crown oversized for its slim trunk. It had personality. And now its absence feels ever-present. I was surprised at how emotional we all got about it, the day it went down.

Two arborists tell me that the pecan tree in the back needs to come down, too, that it's rotting from inside. It's probably 60 feet tall. Bids have ranged from $1000 to $1900. I want to go back in time.

back to when August was summer,
back to when fall was aflame
with a mapley syrupy cloud of gold light
where no two leaves were the same

i want to retreat to the cave of the past
where the wall-shadows look pretty good
they may not be perfect, but that is deliberate
the way i'd go live in the wood

i want to go forward, but just in reverse
so a tree comes to be from a log
and the days are for dogs and summertime frogs
and my verse doesn't bog down my blog

Just as I wrapped up that stanza, there was a huge clap of thunder and it began to rain. The doggerel days of summer be magic.


Mol the Doll said...

First grade. I hate to say it, but that was my best year of school, except for the part where I got the mumps and my mom made me call the teacher at home and say, "They got me."

I hope Jonah has a kind and smiling teacher like Mrs. Quanstrom.

Bloggerel would be a good name for a secondary blog. I don't think your sweet stanzas qualify as doggerel, though. God agrees, obviously, otherwise why the thunderclap?

1st grade was also when I got my powder blue Huckleberry Hound briefcase. Have been trying to equal that accessorizing coup every since!


Jasph said...

Yay, somebody stopped by.

Jonah's teacher is Miss Meyer, and she's young and smiley. I notice she's simply photocopying assignments from last year and scratching out what doesn't apply, instead of just writing up new assignments. Seems a little lazy. I shouldn't complain. When I do writing workshops in schools, I do the same exercises every time, cuz if it ain't broke...

Speaking of broke, Jonah's books for school cost $80. For first grade? There was no warning, just "Give us $80 and your kid can have his textbooks."

Bloggerel! If you have no plans for it, I'll set it up and we can all versify.

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