Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Antidote

If stupidity, racism, and careless bloviation are the disease, here's the cure. Obama's amazing speech on race, religion, and, really, the meaning of America:

By now, everyone's probably either seen it or read it. But if you just let it run while you're working on your computin' machine, it's like a salve that soothes while you sleep. Or you can read the transcript.

That's what I call presidential. If this guy doesn't deserve to lead the country, I'm not sure I want to live here.


scotland said...

Jim, You may be familiar with a legend in which Maha Dev,the Great Lord of the Yogis ,swallows a whole ocean of black poison and is unharmed. Taken in the sense of a wisdom story with the ocean being the taint of form on pure consciouness an example of mergence and unity are evoked. It was said he began with tiny sips and continued until it was entirely consumed. I'm puzzeled, nowhere in the Bija Mantra: Aum Hrim Hram Nama Shivaya (beginning,middle or end) do we hear what must have been a belch of cosmic proportions.
Thanks for posting the video. as I haven't the chance to catch much of the Hakim on this juncture. I'm as impressed as you are,though I doubt if even Obama could get a good days work out of me unless he pulled a "Jimi Hendrix" in the wardrobe department. I'm just so fucking 60's.
Baba Scooter

Jasph said...

You said "taint."

I heard Krishna Das do the Bija Mantra for a sizable crowd and at the end, there erupted out of the call-and-response an enormous group grepsch (as we Jews-by-proxy burp in Yiddish). Thunderous, en masse. So it can happen.

scotland said...

Jambavan, I did say the T-word,my views would also allow me to substitute (tint)as a word replacing it. Making the perfect gesture of Love to Karma should never have been left out to complete the liberating example of the dancing lord.

Joyta se Joyta Jaghavo