Wednesday, August 06, 2008


And speaking of matrimony, if this were my darling wife instead of a less lovely stranger, this minute of video would be even more beautiful, even more mysterious, even more of a sideways inky liquid dream.

irregular flow from 4khz on Vimeo.

Why isn't there more of this kind of thing? Wouldn't thirty of these be better than, I don't know, Two and a Half Men and Eighteen Ads?

It makes me wonder why my video camera is sitting on a shelf in the dining room. Why am I not making something beautiful with it right now? Why am I typing?

Where did this come from? An artist named 4khz, audio track by someone named Colleen, who calls it "Summer Water." Who are these people? Who am I? A guy who writes, but who seems to be reducing himself to a guy who types.

James Wright from his hammock: "I have wasted my life."

See what beauty does? It fucks you up.


Tina said...

Beautiful, yes, but not half as beautiful as the comment you left me about Ty.

What UP with you and your writing skillz? I am simply in awe. Paul loved it too.

scotland said...

James, I'd agree, pictured at it's awakening and hopefulness,Love sounds like this. Known as aruj,intoxication with the object,beautiful, yet perishable. Few are wise enough to recognize their own spirit as the source of this fire, giving it solely away to the fantasy. Any love like this must deepen,if meant to last. A balancing act of perfecting growing to become living, feeling and more aware, with all that one finds it's life in. That's the path of the lovers in a nut-shell.

Anonymous said...
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Kellybelle said...

I nominate you for the billiante blog award