Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bravo, Couple 3 Films!

Here are my nephews—my brother's son Sam and Debra Winger's son Noah, flanking the divine Ms. Winger herself—after the lads' triumph at the Oxford Film Festival, where they won the Jury Prize for Best Documentary. That's Noah clutching the coveted Hoka statuette.
Noah, Sam, and a third partner (hence, Couple 3 Films) spent much of last year working on Crude Independence, their unique look at the oil boom in North Dakota. I saw a version of it before the final sound mix, and it's splendid. Apparently, the festival circuit thinks so, too. Last week, Crude Independence made it onto the prestigious SXSW schedule, a fifth festival acceptance.

I love these guys like mad, and am so freakin' impressed by their talent and tenacity. I almost said "proud" instead of "impressed," but pride seems to imply something more self-reflective than the sheer admiration and respect and "wow, is this cool or what?" that I actually feel about their work and its much-deserved success. I'm avuncular, though. Don't punk the unc.

Keep up with Couple 3 via the link in my sidebar, labeled "My filmmakin' nephews." Are they ever.


Anonymous said...

They are awesome! This is really impressive!! Aww, they're so cute too :)

Mol the Doll said...

Congrats to the latest filmmakers in the family. I had heard about this film a couple of weeks ago without knowing about the Smitty connection.

It's of particular interest to me because the daughter of a friend of mine just got her degree in Chermical Engineering and is headed to North Dakota to work for one of those oil companies, not sure which. I have successfully made this about me.

I don't suppose it's bloody likely we'll have a chance to view this film in KC? Maybe we could get the eco-team to sponsor it for Earth Week at Hallmark? Hmm?

I've traveled across that part of North Dakota both by train and by car, and it's the closest I've been (I imagine) to driving on the moon. Again,
back to me.

Seriously do hope it will be on some KC screens.

Bravo, nephews!

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