Thursday, July 30, 2009

"A Better Way To Go"

Had a birthday and got feted, free-lunched, fully loved upon the earth. But within a week or two, I was kind of blah, holding back a certain low-level despair, appalled to see political machinations drag down progressive ideas, kind of pissy, not sleeping too well, feeling creatively stymied and generally feckless and fatigued.

Then my old friend Peter Stein sent me a link to this guy, Peter Mulvey, who will kill you softly, telling your whole life with his words, as it were, and playing the absolute ass off his guitar. Dig it:

I'm robbing two Peters to pay back an appall. And whaddya know, I had a little breakthrough on a script idea I've been wrestling with. Found a better way.

If only it were always so easy.


pls said...

One day I was loading bricks into my car (long story) and this song came on the radio - one of those rare tunes that grabs you from the start, then offers a little something different in content and feeling each listen. Glad you like it, Jim. He deserves a much wider audience. But then so do you.

Jasph said...

Peter Stein, as I live & breathe, here on me very blooog. Sometimes a song shows up just when you need it. This one definitely unlocked something in my day.

I'm trying to do an outline for a comedy I'm working on, and it was looking grim until this. I don't know why, but suddenly, the thing came unstuck.

I clicked around on several other vids. Loved "Some People." Laughed out loud at "The Trouble With Poets." Marveled at his guitar playing on an instrumental tune. He's the real deal.

And you're right--a musician this good deserves a big following. Anyway, he now has at least one more fan.

pls said...

Yeah, he's one of those rare songsters who taps some eternal truth, and does it in a very accessible, tuneful, and original way. This is probably my favorite song of his (and my first, as faves often are):
I like this performance, but if you're a Mulveyite, I'd say drop the .99 on iTunes. The studio version is a thing of beauty.
Jim, I heart your blooog!!