Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Credo in Seven Parts

My friend Jen Kostecki tagged me, saying I now have to post seven things. Any seven things, but I must post them and then (I guess) tag someone else.

I decided on short philosophical poems, Dear Readers. Taken as a whole, they shall express my Life Credo. I have no idea yet what the other six poems will be, but the great Ron Padgett will set it off:

Ladies and Gentlemen In Outer Space

Here is my philosophy:
Everything changes (the word "everything"
has just changed as the
word "change" has: it now
means "no change") so
quickly that it literally surpasses my belief,
charges right past it
like some of the giant
ideas in this area.
I had no beginning and I shall have
no end: the beam of light
stretches out before and behind
and I cook the vegetables
for a few minutes only,
the fewer the better. Butter
and serve. Here is my
philosophy: butter and serve.


scotland said...

Time to shuffle one off to the IN BOX, IN as in-credible. I'm so used to setting the lunar module down on something more thick-skulled than a surface like this. I thought it looked like a cornflake floating in a bowl of milk; ususal only in that what appeared to be a colorfu; beach umbrella and chaise were in the middle of it. Imagine my surprise when taking that first "Giant step for man" I had enter someones brain complete with waves,mental pictures,and not unpleasant gooey stuff all over. My first thought, was premature,yet appropo, Why did he throw a change-up for the first pitch? In my deranged condition I may have even confused it for throwing in the game ball, and just my luck no beer-man in sight.

Your off to a good start,I can hear the Marlbourogh music playing in the background,even as I'm flying through the windshield. I'll bet your next post even mentions Jim Morrison at some point.

Avidly Re-assembling

Jasph said...

Right on, brother Scott.

coloredsock said...

if i could take one food item to outer space, i think it would be ghee... i can relate to his simple advice--in ayurveda, ghee is all about cellular lubrication, including the brain. nice one! i'm off to read number 6 and 5. thanks for taking on the challenge! my other tagged friends are having fun with it, too...