Sunday, May 31, 2009


May blog, or may not.

The confluence of events this month--death in the family, freelance consulting gig, a new script underway, travel, various graduations of nephews and nieces, the boy's goddamn Cub Scouts, my darling's ailing back, and plenty of work at ye olde Happiness Factory--all this has kept me from doing anything on ye olde stale blog.


I did update my big music post, from which the mp3 player suddenly disappeared (provider went bankrupt) so you can't hear the referenced tunes anymore. At the end of that post, I promised a follow-up where I'd presumably take apart a melody to show...something. I still hope to do it for you few, you happy few, you hopeful, cheated few who read this thing. But I can't see it happening for awhile. Just too much to do.

So. This is a placeholder, a whine, an excuse, a gob of spit, a scrap of proof that the Spulge is not dead, merely busy to the Nines.

Sooner or later, I'll unchain myself from the wheel and put something worth reading up in here.

Meanwhile, happy summer.


Mark Logan said...

I only stopped by because I thought the diagram you posted was a leaked page from Dick Cheney's first draft of the torture memos. Since I was here, thought I'd wish you a happy summer too.

Jasph said...

Thanks, Mark. Yeah, I think the ol' Catherine Wheel or whatever they called that thing back in the Inquisition had a resurgence in popularity under the previous administration.

I found that image in a list of most horrifying images in a college library. I guess the students voted on it. Can't remember which college.