Monday, January 29, 2007

Beck 'n call

OK, if my arch blogrival Bighead Needleman can post a cartoon, so can I.">" border="0" alt="" />
Or maybe I can't. The HTML I copied for the image had six errors in it, which I (stunningly) was able to edit and finally get the image to load. BUT. Look at that goddamn thing! What a mess.

OK, I cede this round to Bighead. And I feel about the new Beck much as I did about the new Dylan after listening to it once. I need more time with it. This is also how I feel about deciding whether or not a picture of Salma Hayek is any good.

We have a new guinea pig in our house, a sixth birthday present that has occasioned much naming debate. What do you call a white female rodent with black patches who is terrified of her owners and their cat?

Well, if you learn that guinea pigs often eat their own turds and this amuses you tremendously because it means that "the guinea pig's tushy is like a Pez dispenser" (you're six, remember), then you might well call your guinea pig "Pez," last night's #1 name.

On the other paw, if you can't come up with many good girl names for your guinea pig, you might call her "Mrs. Bob."

Or, you might inexplicably settle on the name "Marbles," which, when I left for work this morning, was in serious contention.

When I get home in a couple of hours, I'll find out which of the three nominees has won the nominal award.


angel_ljh said...

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Unknown said...

I think Pez has a lot to recommend it, by virtue of its uniqueness as a guinea pig name. Plus, it's kind of asexual ... I don't think it's likely to damage your pig psychologically.

Tina said...

yo jas, just go the web site, then click and drag the cartoon onto your desktop. then, edit your post and load it like it's a picture file.

or, just sit and eat your own poop. that may be more productive...

Anonymous said...

I will call tonight to find out the naming results--quite a show of commitment to a guinea pig I've never met. Also, I need to see if the package I overnighted to the nearly-six year-old has arrived.

On a completely unrelated note, made me think of you.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't anonymous...that was me, Emily...damnit. But my non-blogger status (and inability to use this fancy internet-thingy) rendered me nameless.

Anonymous said...

I love Natalie Dee.

Jasph said...

Yay, I get comments!

I even like hearing from Angel LJH, begging for attention.

See how if you just post another post, your old screwed-up post gets pushed down and looks OK? Little trade secret there.

Emily! I'm going straight to Jackson Pollock, do not pass go, do not wander into the Cedar Tavern or pee in someone's fireplace or drink too much and crash your car into a tree.

By the way, I still can't find my My Space page. Your trouble with the Interwebs is probably genetic.