Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New year, new blogger software

So I upgraded to the new Blogger. I'm now using what Blogger describes as the Edward James Olmos version of its software, whereas before, I was using the Lorne Green version. I think it's a Battlestar Galactica analogy, which means I don't get it.

We'll see if this version can keep from ditching my sidebar links and hanging up when I try to post a message and not recognizing my password and generally being an enormous pain in the ass. For free. Like I should have a single complaint.

Happy new year to my vast readership
There's many a slip twixt the blog and the lip
Whatever that means -- th'aint no reason but rhyme
And my rhymes be dope and they show'p on time

The love child of Jay-Z and Richard Wilbur'd
Have nothin on me, nor would W.S. Gilbert
Not every rapper throw a phrase like "nor would"
Or stuffs a shirt of the size Al Gore would

Bighead just told me my shirt's too big
Cuz I'm a wee little man, not a three little pig
But I huff and puff and I rhyme like Nelly
Got a future as bright as a pork-type belly

Like Kool Moe D, I go to work like a boxer
Trained to maim and brain and outfox yer
However that goes -- my point is, damn
Wham, bam, happy new year, ma'am

I got over that flu bug and now, egad
I be puttin' the go back into gonad
Put the sin in Sinbad, the agh in Baghdad
My craze be prosy and my verse be mad
My pants be big and my boxers plaid
All the ho's in my videos be scantily clad
The Spulge is back and the Spulge is bad

OK, great, I just spilled salsa on my stupid, apparently oversized shirt. Fine. But I'm bloggin'.


Tina said...

Yea for the fearless leap into new technology!

Boo for the salsa spill on your size LARGE, DAMMIT shirt!

And as for the verse? Dude, I thought I was worried about Beth when that ferry sank in Indonesia.

I'm all 'bout to call up Loots and set up some sort of free-style, back-alley, verse smackdown for you two Errat-hos.

Dannnnng, girl...Kool Moe D?! Seriously?

Unknown said...

Yeeesh! Glad you're over that nasty bug ... back to all your potent glory and all that. So, get on with the blogging, dude. We want the free ice cream.

scotland said...

Don't you just love those Herman Melville stories that begin with the ending and just as the cosmos begins falling out of the cloud torn asunder,our idea of what could have been a simple tale materially altered,now capable of filling any form. Can I have my ice cream now.

djayt said...

TN comments on your wardrobe? Not sure if that's good or bad. Or more specifically, not sure how that can be good...