Friday, November 03, 2006

Hot Links, Get Your Hot Links

I now have five new links in my sidebar. Not to snub Bighead or anything, but allow me to draw attention to two of them. My daughter Emily and my friend Shane both have MySpace pages with their own songs on them. I've heard Emily's golden tones for most of my life, so I was happy to see her put a few tunes up. But I hadn't heard from Shane in years, so when he sent me a link to a new website that features his design, illustration, and photography, I wrote back asking if he was still doing any music (he sang at my wedding and is a brilliant musician), he sent me a link to his MySpace page.

Check 'em out. "Life without music would be a mistake." Can't remember who said that, but I wish I had.

I also added my high school friend Lee Anne, and of course, the peripatetic Basses, whose fault all this is.

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