Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Two positives = a negative?

Tom Waits was on The Daily Show last night. He's usually a great interview, but he didn't really get a chance to say much. I was thinking, "Jon Stewart seems a little sycophantic -- is he uncharacteristically nervous or something...?" and next thing I knew, Jon Stewart admitted to being nervous about the interview because he's such a fan.

So that was a bit lame, but there was still hope because Tom was actually going to play the show off the air. Is this the first time a musician has actually played music on the show? I'm thinking maybe so. Which would have been great except that he chose what I think is one of his lesser songs ("The Day After Tomorrow"), and it ran long, so it got cut off about two-thirds of the way through. All in all, not a great night for either The Daily Show or Our Hero.

My interview questions for Tom Waits:

1. Why "The Day After Tomorrow"?
2. Why the constant porkpie? Not that I'm against the porkpie. Just wondering about your concept of the porkpie.
3. Is that ice on the street out there?

OK, that's ice on the street out there. I'm going home.


Anonymous said...

Meh, so what. Jon was definitely drooling, but he admitted he was a fan and it was all rather charming. I liked seeing his unguarded side.

It was unfortunate that they cut off Waits performance, though. I think it was poor planning on both sides--usually on such shows the performance comes first, and any chat after, so the performance makes it in. Seeing as things were reversed here, Tom should probably have chosen a shorter song, though this one was appropriate and I happen to love it. CC should post the uncut performance on its website.

djayt said...

Oh yeah, that's ice.

Hey, if you can stream at work, as the kids say, check the channel Radio Paradise. Sarah Tobaben got me hooked and it's totally worth the occasional buffering, again, as the kids say.

Anonymous said...


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