Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Don't Know Much About Bloggery

Have I made any money on this blog yet? Man, I hope so. I'm going to go learn how to do online banking, so I can watch the rapid ascent of my balance. I bet it's just like that ticker for the cost of the Iraq war.

Hey, I'm gonna go find that ticker for the cost of the Iraq war and see if I can install it on this blog. I think I'll do that before I learn about online banking.

But first, a shout-out to fellow blogger Bighead Needleman. She is SO derivative, what with starting a blog and all. But funny. Let's see if I can paste in a link:


I should get her blog listed as one of the links on my page, and I would, if I knew how to post stuff.

OK, so here's my to-do list:

1. Post this new, exciting entry on my blog.
2. Install ticker for cost of the Iraq war.
3. Figure out how to install links.
4. Figure out how to add a photo for my profile and in general be more like Joren Bass, whose fault it is that I have a blog. Here's a link to the blog he set up for his darling wife Beth to document their many travels:

click here, I'm experimenting with links

5. Figure out online banking to monitor the millions I'm making with my blog.
6. Pay off home equity loan with blog millions.
7. Do some work.

I can't believe how much this blog has changed my priorities, and the world, in just two days.


ingerlene said...

You just got me to start one b/c I was trying to post, too. Funny how that goes. You know, my brother is currently starting up a job in Prague and has a blog, too. http://voosen.blogspot.com
OK. Here we go... I'm posting or publishing or whatever!

djayt said...

Are you sure you want to put work as high as 7? I've found that when you let work get into the single digit priority range, it gets all uppity and thinks it's better than anything else.

Oh, this is Dan. I got on without having to create a blog, as far as I know. I may have a blank blog somewhere.

Unknown said...

I think you and needle-whatsis need to continue this co-bloggery ... like a scene out of The Office, I'm laughing my ass off. Welcome to the blogosphere, Jim.