Monday, October 23, 2006

Started a Blog

I have a blog only because when I tried to post on someone else's, I had to sign up and got dropped into a routine that created the thing for me. I now understand why they say twelve krillion new blogs are created every five seconds. You think you're just typing along, and suddenly you have a blog.

For some reason, when I was prompted for a blog name, the first thing that came into my head was from some old Ring Lardner story. The Spulge Nine was a mythical car of some kind, as I recall. (Why aren't more people named Ring? Insert bathtub joke here.) The only other Ring Lardner thing I remember has to do with a car, too. There's some kind of family road trip, I think, with the kid in the back seat listening to his parents bicker as they drive along, Mom yammering at Dad, and Dad famously getting the last word in:

"Shut up," he explained.

And I will. End of first post.


Anonymous said...

My father, he is funny. Plus, he makes me feel behind the times, what with his tattoo and his blog and his general rock-n-roll-y lifestyle. Stealing all my chances for rebelion and youthful showboating? I'll just go check on my 401K and take an afternoon nap to show him whose generation is whose.
-Emily, the old-ass daughter

djayt said...

I think I used to know JH had a tattoo, I'll have to check my notes. What is it, if that's not too personal?

And, more pointedly still, do your elder offspring have any? My own kids will be going legal soon (one in a matter of 4 months) and I'm trying to gauge concern.