Friday, October 27, 2006

O, Lame New World

Suckiness, thy name is Blogger. My simple little photos will not post! I uploaded a mere jpeg, letting the little "Uploading Your Images" wheel spin while I got some work done, only to come back to a Server Error message. So I try again, and the thing just spins and spins and I come back a half-hour later and it's still spinning and I hate everything.

This was to be a celebrity photo post, too, in order to trump Bighead Needleman's recent family photo and force her to post a comment, because she is drawn to celebrities as a moth to the flame. But nay.

So now you'll just have to guess which of the following celebrities it might have been:

1. Bono
2. Denzel Washington
3. Bernadette Peters
4. Sam Shepard
5. Daniel Handler, aka Lemony Snicket
6. Samantha Bee
7. R.L. Burnside
8. Katarina Witt
9. Sting
10. Barack Obama

Winners receive their own blogs that sometimes make it hard to upload photos.

1 comment:

djayt said...

I can't tell you how much I hope it's Katarina. Well, yes I can. A lot. I hope it a lot.