Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nukular Winter

Hey, Blogger! Or Blogspot, or wherever I am! Posting photos here is a drag, man! Why the 68-character limit on URLs? There's not a photo-hosting site in the known universe that doesn't stick a URL of about twelvety thousand characters on every photo! I'm having to use exclamation points, so intense is my dismay!

OK, so I pull this little fambly jpeg off my computer. I think this went out with all the Xmas, Cha-nookah, Kwanzaa (actually sent one), and Ramadan cards last year. Fine, I didn't send any Ramadan cards. But I used Ramadan postage stamps. They were the prettiest ones.

I lean more to tantric poly-atheism, with a nod toward the Sephardic kink in my wife's storied tribe. Shiva, Krishna, et al. are way more impressive to me than the God I grew up with, and since Buddha walked on water before Jesus did, I'll put his bo-tree wisdom right up there with the sermon on the mount. And I side with Wade Davis, ethnobotanist and man-about-town, in the belief that Voodoo is probably the most beautiful religion ever devised by human beings. We do get all Jewy in our household, come Passover and the high holidays. I guess I'm a pagan HinBuVooJew. By proxy. With a side of Native American sweat lodge.

Anyway, my point is, here's the nukular family, after the only big snow we had in '05. If it is '05. Maybe that was '04. All moments in time exist simultaneously, Billy Pilgrim. Get off my back.

Now let's see if I can pull the photo from this post up into my profile. If I can type HTML code, surely this is not beyond my ken. Like I should have to do any of this. When you get a free blog, shouldn't it come with a hired staff? Aren't there enough illegal immigrants to go around?

Hey, Blogger! You suck!


Tina said...

did you really post this at 6:09 a.m.? i'm worried about you.

you know, if you DID have a proper religion, you would've been home worshipping. or judging. or whatever they like to get up early to do.


djayt said...

The times seem sort of random on these. That's probably a good thing as regards defending oneself in the firing trial.

If there is such a thing as a firing trial. It sounds like something that should be a part of at least 3 of 7 major religions.

Y'all seem to add photos at whim now, even in your comments. Impressive, even if Jim is clearly the 3rd cutest person in his.

Tina said...

Firing trial?!?

Are you suggesting...they can monitor...what we're doing...

Frick, frick, superfrick.

I gotsta get my work on, yikes!