Thursday, October 26, 2006

I Get Comments

Blogosphere Knot, For I Bring Tithings Of Great Hoi Polloi.

My old (as in class of '74) high-school friend, Lee Anne Millinger, left a comment on my Technopeasant Prevails post. She's a writer in Detroit, and she just plugged Spulge Nine in her nice Christian blog! Check it out at such small hands
(leave it to Lee Anne to find a superfine e.e. cummings phrase for a blog name). Had to write code to put that link in. Damn, I'm good.

So. I have a vast Christian following. Dan! Lee Anne! I love you guys! Oh, and as to you who'll be hanging out in hell with me later... Bighead Needleman! I love you, despite the fierce rivalry of our blogs! And my Jewish bride! I love you most of all! Tonight, let's do that special hug that only grown-ups can do. We may not get the chance to do it later, in hell. Hey, Satan (and/or Blogger)! I love you, too!

We're all about the love here at Spulge Nine. That and not being able to come up with any good card ideas for Graduation. This IS a problem. We're dealing with it. The cut-and-run crowd would have us retire early. But our strategy remains the same. Only the tactics and the distractics have shifted.

Two posts in one day, and a plug out there in blogtown. I must be raking in the cash. Where do I go to collect?

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djayt said...

I'll see your Graduation and raise you Christmas Boxed. Since this is going world-wide, I'll mention that it means 20 at a time. The funniest joke you know won't be equally funny to 20 people, but the weakest,most obvious one will be just as groan-worthy to 20 people.

This is the kind of day where the nicest thing you can think about your job is that it's indoors.