Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Technopeasant Prevails

Yesterday, I actually typed a line of HTML code in order to put those links in the last post. This is like giving a 5-year-old a roll of razor wire and a pair of tin snips and saying, go ahead, build yourself a bicycle.

I also tried to install the Cost of War in Iraq feature, but their site's instructions for using it don't sync up with Blogger's instructions for installing anything. I'll probably have to write some code. I write code, y'know.

I blog like yo brutha
Write code like a mutha
You aint seen anutha
Can hang w/ Jas P.

My rhymes make ya shudda
I step w/ no stutta
I float like the butta
'N stank like Aunt Bea

I may post a photo
W/ my buttery floato
Don't ring the wrong Frodo
That photo be me

OK, if you tried Bighead Needleman at my urging yesterday but were unimpressed, try her again. She's gone blog wild (oh, surely I'm the first ever in cyberspace with that cute locution) and put up a profile and a photo. She think she all that. Click link in previous post and see for yourself.

She sits maybe 75 feet away from me and we're communicating only in the blogosphere. I guess Karl Marx was right when he said, "The means of production requiring alienation of workers is something I discuss at length in my blog."


Tina said...

Duuuuuuude you ain't got no rhymin' skills.

You gotsa get yo Errato all up in there! Damn.

djayt said...

There's a thing to say here that I say alla time, yo, but I'm not going to due to the wide-open nature of the www and the subsequent screwing of people who forget.

Take the walk and ask TN. I would totally be saying it right... now.